Make Art that Sells Bootcamp: tarot cards

So our medieval subject matter paved the way for our May assignment, tarot cards! I was given a chart to find my sign and then a corresponding card to draw, "the star." I went with a vintage space theme. 

Home Decor Class - week 5

The last and final week of Home Decor class we explored wood. I envisioned a wall with wood mounted art panels and a fun plaid MDF chair. I accented the space with a "Home sweet home" crate nestled under the chair and a fun little vase. 

Home Decor Class - week 4

This week we explored ceramics and it really spoke to me! I ran with a "Meet me for Brunch" theme and here is what I came up with.

Home Decor Class - week 3

This week's topic is glass. I often envision my work as fabric or wall art – something flat – so working with a substrate like glass was a great push. I tried out a few templates and really enjoyed the pursuit.